• Farmer's Market in San Antonio, one of the area activities near the 立博注册开户的德州 campus, along with student events and clubs.
  • 立博注册开户的德州 Student Events, Clubs, and Recreation

    Make Friends, Explore San Antonio, Have Fun—Welcome to 立博注册开户的德州

    At the 立博注册开户的德州 campus, you’re not just hanging around classrooms and kitchens. San Antonio is one of the most popular destinations in 德州, 有很棒的餐厅, 购物, 和观光. 除了, CIA德州学生活动, clubs and area activities give you the opportunity to explore your food passions and make friends along the way.

  • Participate in several events that cater to food lovers, including:

    • Annual Chili and Cornbread Cook-off
    • Annual Festival of Tamales
    • Annual Fiesta Medal Design Competition (San Antonio’s largest festival with roughly three million participants)
    • Annual Paella Challenge (hosted by CIA alumnus 约翰尼·埃尔南德斯)
    • 混合汉堡狂欢
    • Driscoll’s Berries Competition
    • Jeune Chefs Rotisseurs Competition
    • Leo’s Sauces and Dressings Competition
    • Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Oddest Cake Challenge

    Additional events include:

    • 一年一度的拉丁节日
    • The 拉丁美洲美食 Summits
    • Día de Los Muertos @ the Pearl
    • Habla Fresca: Monthly Guest Lecture and Demo Series
    • SA Flavor at the San Antonio Museum of Art

    To honor heroes among the CIA community, we host several veterans recognition events, such as:

    • Thank a Vet during the week of Veteran’s Day
    • Ribbon tree tying to honor different branches of the military
    • 老兵别针仪式
    • 烧烤俱乐部, which hosts fundraisers and weekend barbecues, as well as participates in the local farmers market. 联系人: ciabarbecue@gmail.com.
    • 花园俱乐部, which plants, maintains, and harvests planters on campus. 联系人: CIAGardenClub@gmail.com.
    • 糖, a baking and pastry club that hosts fundraisers and participates in the local farmers market. 联系人: Sugarrush_club@yahoo.com.

    The 立博注册开户的德州 campus in San Antonio is a unique education and research center that is dedicated to raising the profile of Latin American cuisines and culinary traditions. Outside of our teaching kitchens and classrooms, you can:

    • Hang out with classmates at 珍珠建筑群
    • Browse the Farmers Market
    • 享受 San Antonio’s vibrant dining scene
    • Check out the retail shops or take a yoga class
    • Have fun at special events like Tamales at Pearl, Paella Challenge, and Fiesta
    • 享受 San Antonio's world-famous River Walk
    • Attend amazing events like the CIA’s annual Latin Flavors, 美国的厨房, 健康口味, Healthy Kids conferences right on campus
    • Join student clubs where you can meet classmates who share your passions
    • 奥斯汀之旅, 德州山地, or the Gulf Coast—home to world-class wineries and restaurants, 还有徒步旅行, 骑马, 自行车道, 和更多的
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    电话: 210-554-6400