CIA膳食计划s in 纽约

  • Clear Choices, Great Value, Amazing Food

    It should come as no surprise that the Culinary Institute of America meal plan options feature a delicious and exciting selection of dining choices for students. Each plan uses a points system tied to your student ID card. 选项包括:



    Required for all students


    325 more 黄金点 for just $335 more per semester


    675 more 黄金点, just $665 more per semester

    What’s Up With the Different CIA膳食计划 Points?

    • 蓝色的点 are good for any production kitchen in Roth Hall (Grab-and-Go in Roth Hall, 这条线, 意大利面和面条吧, or Salad Bar at The Egg and select items in the Marketplace at The Egg).
    • 绿点 are good for any production kitchen, 类似于蓝点, but also other locations in The Egg such as the Café and the Innovation Kitchen, as well as campus restaurants at approved times.
    • 黄金点 are good for any production kitchen, 类似于蓝点, but also include The “Yolk,” The Innovation Kitchen, or Barista Station at The Egg and all campus restaurants at approved times.
    • 新生 receive all 蓝色的点 and may dine only in the production kitchens listed.
    • 二年级和三年级的学生 receive 50% 蓝色的点 and 50% 绿点, to be used in the areas indicated above.
    • 老年人 receive 100% 绿点 and can dine in all of the venues listed at any time.

    Note that on-campus meals are not available on days when the campus is closed, such as extended winter and summer intersessions. Point expiration also varies depending on meal plan and class level. 请打电话给 845-905-4518 了解更多信息.

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    Additional Meal Plan Info for 立博注册开户纽约办事处

    CIA meal plans at our Hyde Park, NY, campus also include the opportunity to purchase 烹饪的现金 (minimum deposit of $25 required). This program offers you the convenience, 灵活性, and security of using your CIA student ID like a debit card at selected sites on campus such as restaurants and the library (for printing requests).

    You can also add funds to your 烹饪的现金 account using our new GET Funds online deposit system, which accepts MasterCard, 签证, 发现, or debit cards as payment options.

    At the end of your CIA studies, any remaining balance on your account will be transferred to your tuition account and other outstanding financial obligations. Remaining balances over $10 may be refunded through a request to the Student Financial and Registration Services Office.