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    Mandatory Medical Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

    Every student is required to submit a complete physical examination on the mandatory CIA Physical Examination Form, with required immunizations, a copy of your health insurance card, and all required papers 30 days prior to Arrival Day at the CIA. Students will not be permitted in class unless the complete mandatory CIA Physical Examination Form and required documentation is submitted.


    加州 School Immunization Law requires proof of two MMR vaccinations given on or after the first birthday, 及脑膜炎疫苗接种. The CIA also requires vaccination against hepatitis A. Vaccination against hepatitis B and meningitis is recommended but not required.


    For minor injuries on at the CIA Greystone campus, there are first aid kits available in all teaching kitchens and residence halls. First aid is provided on campus by the Office of 安全及保安. For more serious injuries, students will need to first phone 707-963-6491, then visit JobCare, which is located five minutes away in the emergency room at St. Helena Hospital, 10 Woodland Hill, St. 海伦娜,. The cost of non-routine treatment, 校外医生就诊, 处方, 药物, and vaccines will be your responsibility. Please report hospital emergency room visits to the Office of 安全及保安.


    The CIA has incorporated a mandatory annual student health insurance plan through United Health Care beginning September 1, 2022. The plan is offered to all domestic and international fulltime students. Domestic students may waive out of the health insurance plan by providing proof of current, comparable health insurance coverage through a family or individual plan. International students are not eligible to opt out and must enroll in the plan offered by the CIA. Cost of insurance for students starting in the spring or summer semester will be pro-rated accordingly. For more details about coverage and enrollment, please contact Haylor, Freyer, & Coon at 866-535-0456 or email student@haylor.com.

    Students taking the Global Cuisines and Cultures trip are encouraged to review international travel insurance options.


    Students have a right to anticipate that their relationship with the CIA 学生健康服务 will be one of complete confidence. All information and records pertaining to any aspect of a student's health are strictly confidential. 除了紧急情况, information concerning the nature of illness or injury, 诊断, and treatment plan will only be provided to legally responsible parents/guardians or designated individuals with the direct knowledge and signed consent of the student.

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